2020 Vancouver Spirit Run Goes Virtual!

What is a Virtual Race?

The 2020 Vancouver Spirit Run Virtual Race will take place Sept 25th – Sept 27, 2020, so you have the freedom and flexibility to choose a date, time, and location that works best for you!

The Event

Competitors are encouraged to get off the roads and head for their favorite trail or path. Event categories will be offered for all age groups from children to masters competing at distances ranging from 1.5km to 5km. Our events welcomes all ages and abilities – from the highly competitive runner to those just out for a fun trail run.

Race Distances

Age Group

Virtual Race Distance

Under 9

1 KM

9 Year Old Boys

1.5 KM

9 Year Old Girls

1.5 KM

10 Year Old Boys

2 KM

10 Year Old Girls

2 KM

11 Year Old Boys

2 KM

11 Year Old Girls

2 KM

12 Year Old Boys

3 KM

12 Year Old Girls

3 KM

13 Year Old Boys

3 KM

13 Year Old Girls

3 KM

U16 Boys

3 KM

U16 Girls

3 KM

U18 Boys

4 KM

U18 Girls

4 KM

Open/ U20 / Masters Men

5 KM

Open / U20 / Masters Women

5 KM


How to Participate

Step 1: Register

Registration is required and is FREE! Register Here.

Team & Group Entries – we want to make it easy for coaches, teachers and groups to enter! Learn More

Step 2: Run & Record Your Results!

Option #1 – Track With the ASICS Runkeeper™ app

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with the ASICS Runkeeper™ app, making the virtual race experience more seamless than ever.

Step 1: Connect your registration

On your mobile devicedownload the app and add your registration by clicking the button found in your Registration Confirmation Email.

Step 2: Record your participation

When you’re ready to participate:

  • Open the Runkeeper app on a mobile device
  • Visit the “start” tab
  • Tap the in-app checkered flag and select your event
  • Follow the prompts to record your participation

Option #2 – Manually Upload Results

If you plan to record using another software or tracking device and need to post manually, simply head to the results page and “Submit Virtual Result”.

Your confirmation number and last name can be used to confirm your registration before submitting your results.

More Info:


Your participation in the Vancouver Spirit Run Virtual Race includes your chance to win some awesome prize packs from our sponsors. Prizes will be awarded based on both participation and performance!


Participants are advised to consult a physician before commencing training for the event.

Participants are advised not to wear headphones as you are not on a closed or controlled course.

Participants are encouraged to run with a phone as a means to connect with emergency services if you encounter issues while running.

Participants are encouraged to plan a route and to bring or receive adequate fuel (i.e. water or snacks).

Participants are encouraged to pick a location and time of day with limited congestion.

Participants are encouraged to follow all physical distancing and hygiene guidelines to held stop the spread of COVID-19.