Region Offers Inner Happiness in the Great Outdoors

Many in the community are adventurers who love an active lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty

By Kristin Seller, Special To The Vancouver Sun

Every Monday until the third Whistler Spirit Run takes place Sept. 25 and 26, read columns written by guest writers.

Many of Whistler’s residents are outdoor enthusiasts who came just for a visit, decided that wasn’t enough and then launched heart-first into a love affair with the Sea to Sky region.

With unique, breathtaking panoramas visible from trails, lakeside parks and village pathways, it’s impossible to ignore Whistler’s allure on the […]

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Whistler Isn’t Just For Winter Activities

Spirit Run is the first non-winter sporting event to be held at Whistler Olympic Park

By Keith Bennet

Every Monday until the third Whistler Spirit Run takes place on Sept. 25 and 26, read columns written by guest writers from the world of sport.

As the sun rises just above the treetops in the Callaghan Valley, a flurry of activity begins. Dedicated volunteers move quickly to complete the setup for the third annual Whistler Spirit Run. Trails are being marked, tents are being erected and the finish line clock is being set.

This event […]

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Range of Running Courses Keeps Sport Interesting

Vancouver area has a wealth of options

By Maurice Wilson, Special to the Vancouver Sun September 21, 2009

There are many types of cross-country runs, but what they all have in common is that they take advantage of the natural landscape to create an interesting and challenging race for runners of all abilities.

Traditional cross-country is run primarily on grass in parks or across open countryside, involving multiple laps of a relatively short distance. The multi-lap format makes such events spectator- and children-friendly.

Whether it is a big mud puddle, a stretch of sandy […]

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Food to Fuel a Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle Intelligent Food Choices and Regular Physical Exercise Will Help Runners – and Others – Achieve Peak Performance

By Diane Clement, Vancouver Sun August 31, 2009
Whether we’re elite athletes training to make an Olympic team or regular folks who exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we all need fuel to keep us going and be the best we can be.

Each day, our goal should be to find the right balance between food intake and physical performance. The key is to burn 600 calories every day through exercise. Here are some key points for achieving peak performance.

Avoid fast foods: They definitely are not “fuel foods” for optimum performance. Why? […]

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Cross-Country Running Benefits the Body and the Soul

Trail running is great for building balance, ankle and leg strength and a beautiful setting can awe your senses

By John Aalberg

In the early 1970s, Americans discovered running and its numerous physical and mental benefits.

Trail running, in the car-crazy American society, became a daily meditation for many. As the Incas and other cultures (such as Scandinavians) already knew, trail or cross-county running could connect you with your soul.

Today we know that natural endorphins similar in function to certain narcotics are released during running, sometimes even causing new runners to be “reborn” […]

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The Whistler Spirit Run and the Joys of Cross-Country Running

By Thelma Wright for the Vancouver Sun, August 17, 2009

Perhaps the ultimate benefit to trail running races is the freedom to run in the beautiful trails and parks our cities have to offer.

The loneliness of a long distance runner does not apply to cross-country runners.

Unique in its team concept, cross-country running affords the camaraderie of teammates while testing one’s own limits in running over hill and dale, through forest trails, farmers’ fields, mud and rocks, for distances ranging from a few kilometres to 10 or 12 kilometres.

Cross-country running is perhaps […]

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