This award is administered by the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Spirit Run and financed from the proceeds of the Vancouver Spirit Run.  Application deadline is Friday, November 25, 2022.

The Vancouver Spirit Run, presented by TRIGATE PROPERTIES GROUP, is a one-day cross-country and trail running event that takes place at Jericho Beach Park and features something for everyone.

Eligible Bursary applicants must be residents of BC and be matriculating students progressing to post secondary study.  The Bursary will be awarded to individual(s) who have:

  • demonstrated exceptional ability and show considerable promise in Track and Field, Road or Cross Country Running (Athletics):
  • demonstrate financial need: have attained an acceptable academic record: and have demonstrated qualities of character, leadership and volunteering.

The award amount is based on available funding from the Vancouver Spirit Run.

$ 100


Fill out and submit the online application


Submit the neccesary documents to info@vancouverspiritrun.com
Provide (3) three letters of reference: one from each of Principle/teacher/counselor, Athletics coach, and one other appropriate source and a verified statement of marks


Receive a confirmation of receipt of your application


Bursary recipients will be notified early in the New Year

Bursaries will be paid directly to the selected student-athlete.  It may be used for school or athletic purposes.

Bursary Form

You can also submit your SIN with your documents
Anticipated income for the next term(s) of post-secondary study (not to exceed 12 months)
Anticipated expenditures for the next term(s) of post-secondary study (not to exceed 12 months)